A unique handmade gift, what would be better?

You can also order unique wobblers by name from Valhalla. Awesome gift for a fisherman who appreciates craftsmanship.

The wobbler can be ordered in the colors of the color chart, in the desired colors, or you can give the painter a free hand to make an unforgettable gift. Also for sale are beautiful wooden handmade gift boxes.


- Wobbler with the name 30 € / pc

- Gift box 5 € / each

- Gift box with your own text, eg name, Happy Father's Day, etc. 10 € / each

Contact Valhalla on Facebook (Kalastus Valhalla) or by email (kalastusvalhalla@gmail.com).


Have you thought of a unique and special promotional gift for your company for your partners, customers, employees?

What would a special completely handmade domestic lure sound like, with your company name / simple logo, of course!

The lures are available in a beautiful, also handmade wooden gift box or plastic packaging, on the backing cardboard of which it is also possible to get your company logo.

Price with your company name or simple logo;

- 1-20 pcs 30 € / pc

- 21-50 pcs 28 € / pc

- 51-100 pcs 26 € / pc

- 100+ pcs 24 € / pc

- Gift box 5 € / each

- Plastic boxes 0 € / pc

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